Friday, August 26, 2016

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is raunchy and disgusting

Movie Title:    Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Grade:  D- for disgusting

Rating:  R, 98 minutes of trash.   THIS MOVIE IS DEFINITELY R!

In a Nutshell:  Supposedly based on a true story, this vulgar comedy is always offensive and occasionally funny. 

Sam Richardson’s character explains the other characters well when he tells them, “You’re all self-absorbed, barely functioning, co-dependent weirdo’s.”  Yeah, pretty much.  They’re so moronic that they almost seem mentally retarded.   Not exactly my idea of good comedy.  Raunchy and disgusting.

  • “I think reason we always get ourselves into such xxxx is because we’re always telling each other we’re awesome when we’re not being awesome.” – Alice
  • “I think occasionally we should think about how we make other people feel.” - Alice

Things I liked:
  • The cast is young, hip and really hot right now: Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Adam DeVine, and Aubrey Plaza.
  • You get to see some fun things to do in Hawaii.  For example, you can actually drive ATV’s through the north part of Hawaii where they filmed portions of the movie Jurassic Park.

Things I didn’t like:
  • This is a very crude movie with very little redeeming value.
  • Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick deserve much better material than this.  Why would they choose to make such a trashy movie like this?
  • What’s going on with Anna Kendrick’s color-changing wig?
  • Alice and Tatiana are total skanks.
  • It’s so over the top that it’s just dumb. 
  • If this is how American young adults behave, then our country is truly in trouble.
  • This is what happens when people have more money than brains.
  • The trailer pretty much shows all of the funny parts.
  • Adam DeVine and Anna Kendrick have a surprisingly bad musical number at the end.
  • Super crude outtakes at the end.

Funny lines:
  • “We’re not party ruiners; we’re party creators.” – Dave Strangle
  • “We don’t rile each other up!!!” – Dave
“We never get riled!!!” – Mike Strangle
  • “Tatiana, your underwear needs more underwear.” – Alice
  • “Look at that personality from behind.” – Mike
  • “The key to teaching children is repetition.  You’d be surprised how stupid they are.” – Tatiana
  • “You look like Burn Victim Barbie.” – Mike
  • “You are not a loser.  Dude, you introduced me to the Ninja Turtles.” - Dave

Tips for parents:   
  •  A million F-bombs and other profanity.
  • Girls wearing very few clothes, sometimes none at all.
  • There is some risky, disrespectful, reckless behavior that will make parents cringe.
  • There is a naked massage scene and sauna scene that are extremely inappropriate and graphic.
  • There is a lesbian who keeps hitting on one of the girls.
  • You see full frontal female nudity, as well as another woman’s bare breast.
  • There MANY sexual jokes and conversations.
  • There is a lot of binge alcohol drinking.
  • Two girls take the drug Ecstasy and go crazy for several hours.
  • This movie is pure trash. 
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