Sunday, April 23, 2017

Born in China is timed perfectly for Earth Day

Movie Title: 
Born in China

Grade:  A-

Rating:  G, 79 minutes  

In a Nutshell:  Disney Nature presents a beautiful look at some fascinating creatures born in China.  

Narrated by John Krasinski (The Office: The Complete Series) , this eco- documentary illustrates the circle of life and introduces the world to some stunning locations and animals that most people will never get a chance to see in real life.

I’ve been to China twice this past year and have fallen in love with its culture, topography, people, art, language, and food.  It is an amazing country and this film offers a deserving spotlight.  The film is full of “Awwww” moments.

Timed perfectly for Earth Day 2017, a portion of ticket sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Uplifting theme: 
  • Family
  • The circle of life and death
  • The beauty and duality of nature: freedom vs. security
  • Each of us is a part of a much larger story.

Things I liked:
  • John Krasinski offers a familiar, comfortable voice to walk us through the lives of the featured animals.  He does a great job, although the script could have been even better.
  • The golden snub-nosed monkeys steal the show.  They’re gorgeous and hilarious, providing delightful monkey mischief.
  • One thing Disney Nature does very well is introduce children to things they could never see in a zoo.
  • The Tibetan antelope, called chiru, provides the film with some epic moments and cinematography.  My question: why don’t the males accompany the females on their birthing journey to protect them?
  • A crane in China is a symbol of longevity and fortune.  It is believed that when a crane takes flight, it is carrying an animal’s soul to another world.  That theme and sentiment and used at the beginning and end of the movie. I love it when a film ties ends together.
  • How do the photographers get those shots?????   It’s pretty incredible.
  • You get to see gorgeous red pandas, black and white pandas, snow leopards, antelope, and monkeys.  All adorable.

Things I didn’t like:
  • This version of Disney Nature doesn’t offer anything particular new to the nature story narrative.
  • I wish we could have learned more about the animals, more facts and information.
  • Humans project their feelings and descriptions on what’s going on with the animals.  Who knows if any of that is true.
  • It’s very predictable.

Interesting lines:
  • “China is a land of myth and mystery.” – John Krasinski
  • “Each life is just one beat in the beautiful cyclical rhythm.” – John Krasinski

Tips for parents: 
  • There are several scenes when animals and birds prey on other animals.  Some animals die.  Children need to learn about life and death, and this movie does not shy away from the brutal realities.
  • Some fighting and bullying.
  • No profanity.  Thank goodness, animals don’t swear.
  • It’s not all happy and beautiful.  There are some sad moments.
  • You see a mother give birth and later nurse babies.  Your kids may have questions…

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