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Ricki and the Flash hits DVD on November 24

OUT ON DVD November 24, 2015

Movie:     Ricki And The Flash

Rating:    PG-13, 1 hour 42 minutes

Grade:   D

In a Nutshell:    Written by a guy named Diablo, this film features three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep.  Did you know she has been nominated 19 times for an Oscar?  Unfortunately, this film isn’t going to win her any awards. 

What’s fun is watching Meryl’s real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer, play the daughter of Meryl’s character.  Mamie looks a lot like her mom, but hasn’t hit her mother’s successful stride yet in films.  Even though her first movie role was when she was only 2 years old, she is still young in her career, so hopefully she’ll follow in her mom’s footsteps someday.

Uplifting Theme:
·         “It doesn’t matter if your kids love you or not.  It’s not their job to love you; it’s your job to love them.” – Greg
·         You give your life to what you value most.
·         No family is perfect.  Blood may be thick, but forgiveness is required.

Things I liked:
·         Kevin Kline is always a pleasure to watch.
·         Rick Springfield sings and acts alongside Meryl as her lover and member in her band.  He's had some plastic surgery that makes him, but he sounds great.  His character is sweet and believable.
·         It always cracks me up when movies want to poke fun at real companies, but they have to change the name.  For example, Ricki works at “Total Food.”  ha ha
·         SPOILER ALERT:  When Ricki stays at her ex-husband’s home, I was sure it was going to end in a romp down memory lane, but was pleasantly surprised when Pete was able to pull himself together and resist temptation.  Wow, what a refreshing twist.
      Who doesn't love Meryl Streep?

Things I didn’t like:
·          There’s not much of a plot.  It’s kind of like the writer and director just wanted to make a movie where Meryl Streep could sing again.  She looks like she’s having a lot of fun singing, although the music isn’t really that great.  (And I LOVE 80's rock music and Meryl Streep!)  Her voice sounded much better in Into The Woods (Theatrical)  and  Mamma Mia! The Movie .
·         Meryl Streep’s character sometimes waivers between acting like a helpless 80 year old and a rebellious teenager.   The writing seemed uneven.
·         It’s really sad to see the kind of life that Ricki traded her family for.
·         Ricki sleeps with her make-up on.  Gross.
·         The family members treat each other terribly with such disrespect and intolerance.  I wouldn't want to live in either household.
      SPOILER ALERT:  The ending is very predictable and shallow.  Just because people dance to Ricki's music, does that mean her children truly forgive her?  Does that mean she's going to be a part of their lives from now on?  Have things really changed?  Has the protagonist really grown?

Funny lines:  
·         “Do you have a gig tonight or do you always dress like a hooker from night court?” – Julie
·         “OMG, she’s parenting.  Someone get a camera.” – Joshua
·         “Why don’t you skip therapy today?  Call in sick.” – Ricki
“I am sick.  That’s why I’m in therapy.” – Julie
·         “A Big Mac lives forever.  I saw it on 60 Minutes.” – Ricki

Tips for Parents:
·         A lot of profanity and trash talk.
·         Ricki is a terrible role model and mother.   This isn’t a great movie for your kids, but if they watch it, you can have a good conversation about parenting, families, forgiveness and love.

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