Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ant-Man crawls into Marvel fans' hearts

Movie:    Ant-Man

PG-13, 1 hour 55 minutes

Grade:   B+

In a Nutshell:    Marvel gets that we want action AND comedy.  Paul Rudd is a very charming Ant-Man , as well as a co-writer for this summer's newest Avenger flick. 

While some audiences have been getting superhero fatigue from the sheer number of them constantly hitting the big screen, the fact that this "Honey, I shrunk the Superhero" movie surprises us in a clever, refreshing way is a huge triumph.  It’s no “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but it has the same playful spirit that audiences crave.

Keep watching during the rolling credits for a fun treat.  But wait, keep watching until after ALL the credits for a sneak peek at the next Ant-Man movie.    As it says “The Ant-Man WILL return.”

Uplifting Theme:
·         “Don’t let your past determine your future.” – Howard Stark  (played by Mad Men: Season 1 John Slattery)
·         “It’s not about saving our world.  It’s about saving theirs.” - Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)
·         “You’re her hero.  Just be the person that she already thinks you are.” – Maggie (Judy Greer whose second hit movie in theaters right now is Jurassic World.)

Things I liked:
·         Fans of Lost: The Complete Seasons 1-5 will enjoy seeing Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne. 
·         Michael Douglas' transformation from young-ish to older is impressive. 
·         I love the life/death battle scene fits inside a briefcase.  All of the action sequences are extremely creative.
·         The Thomas the Tank train battle scene was hilarious as the camera zoomed in and out to show the comical scale.
·         I’m always excited to see how each Marvel movie chooses to use legendary creator Stan Lee.  His big line in this film?  “Yeah, yeah, super fine.”  Ha ha
·         The fast-talking lip-sync scenes were hilarious and clever.
·         I got a kick out of seeing Ant-Man go to the Avengers building.  Falcon’s wings are awesome.

Things I didn’t like:
·         If you don’t like creepy crawlies, there will be moments when you feel very uncomfortable.  They try to make the ants more adorable than scary, but it doesn’t always work.  There were some definite “ick” moments for me.
·    When I lived in Georgia for 15 years, I battled fire ants on a daily basis in our yard.  Those little guys are viscous.  There was a radio commercial that advertised ant killer which claimed to torture the critters, rather than just kill them, because that’s how homeowners felt about the mean insects.  When we moved back to California, my 2 year old son screamed when he saw a harmless San Diego ant and our neighbor thought he was crazy.  Clearly, my neighbor had never experienced the traumatic horrors of fire ants in the South.
·         With a name like Hope, it's ironic how snotty her attitude was towards her dad.
·         It makes all Mexicans look like a bunch of thugs.
·       The plot is pretty simple without any fun twists.
-    Not nearly enough action.

Did you notice?
·         Luis (Michael Pena) hums “It’s a small world after all.” Appropriate choice because of the size of the superhero, and since Disney produced the film.
·         Why is it that most bad guys are bald?
·         Cross Technologies…as in double cross?
·         Luis makes waffles a lot
·         The reference to the old lady in the movie Titanic
-     Evangeline Lilly has a small bump on her lip.  Don't get me wrong, I think she's gorgeous.  The
      bump was just a little distracting on the close-ups.

·         Funny lines:
·         “One question…is it too late to change the name?” – Scott Lang
·         “My days of breaking in places and stealing shXX  are over.  What do you want me to do?” – Scott
“I want you to break into a place and steal some shXX.” – Dr. Hank Pym
·         “I think our first move should be calling the Avengers.” – Scott
·         “Are we the good guys?  Feels kind of weird, right?” – Luis 
·         “That’s a messed up looking dog.” – Gale
·         “It isn’t often that you rob a place and get invited back.” – Luis
·         “Hank went from despising you to almost like you.” –  Hope
“You really should write poetry.” – Scott
·         “It’s really important that Captain (America) not find out about this.” – Falcon
·         “It wasn’t a violent crime.  It was a cool one.” – Baskin Robbins manager who fired Scott
·         “Mommy’s so happy you’re here she choked on her drink.” – Scott’s daughter played by the
       adorable Abby Ryder Fortson.
·         “It’s my helmet, Scott.  Do not throw up.”  - Dr. Pym

Interesting lines:
·         What did you see in me?”  - bad guy
“I saw myself.” – Michael
“Then why did you push me away?” – Darren Cross (Corey Stoll)
“Because I saw too much of myself.” – Dr. Pym
·         “Gratitude can be forgiveness.” – Darren Cross
Tips for Parents:

·         Some profanity, including a made-up one that the audience laughs at.
-    Yep, the kids will be interested in all the merchandising:

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