Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Seventh Son movie hits screens after a year of delays

Movie:  The Seventh Son

PG-13, 2 hours

Grade:  C+

In a Nutshell:   This heroic fantasy epic produced by Legendary Pictures hit movie theaters in France last month after almost a year’s worth of delays, but its United States release isn’t until February 6.  It feels like a mash-up of every underdog apprentice who fights dragons and witches story you’ve ever seen.   It’s fairly entertaining, but not truly memorable.

Uplifting Theme:
·         Loyalty vs. betrayal
·         If you dump your witch girlfriend, you’ll  have you-know-what to pay for later.

Things I liked:
·         There is a lot of morphing from various creatures into other creatures.
·         Oscar-nominated Julianne Moore spends most of her time in front of a green screen and is often overpowered by all the CGI going on around her as the powerful Mother Malkin.
·         There’s a nice little twist towards the end.  I love twists, although this one didn’t surprise me.
·         Much of the movie is filmed in front of a green screen, although there are some beautiful landscapes captured in British Columbia.
·         Some of the shape-shifting was cool.
·         There is some humor that allows the film to not take itself so seriously.

Things I didn’t like:
·         Jeff Bridges growls like a crusty, old pirate with a drunken accent that’s often indecipherable.  What’s with his billy-goat underbite? Now that I think about it, that’s about the only character he has played during the past several years.
·         The animal monsters look obviously computer generated.
·         The door is open for a sequel.  Do we want to see more of this?
·         Spoiler Alert: Soft-porn Game of Thrones fans will be sad to see their beloved Kit Harington not last long in this film.

Funny lines:
·         “I wonder what monsters dream about.”  - Tom Ward  (Ben Barnes)
“Probably humans.” – Alice
·          “Luck is fine.  Gold is finer.” – Master Gregory
·         “You must never have more than one sip of this a day.” – Master Gregory
“Why not?” – Tom Ward
“Because it is mine.” – Master Gregory
·         “Remember what I taught you?  Ignore it.” – Master Gregory
·         “You don’t die easy, do you?” – Master Gregory
·         “That is disgusting.  So, what does that kill?”  Tom Ward
“Cowardice.”  - Master Gregory
·         “You live in a world where legend and nightmares are real.” – Master Gregory
Tips for Parents:

·         Intense fantasy violence, some frightening images, some strong language.
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