Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ratchet and Clank brings PS4 game to the big screen

Movie Title:      Ratchet & Clank

Grade:   B-

Rating:   PG, 1 hour 34 minutes

In a Nutshell:    Based on the popular Playstation video game series, fans and kids will get a kick out of this action-packed, colorful ride.  

It’s full of gags and witty one-liners that will entertain adults enough when they have to see it with their kids.  The adults in the audience I sat with laughed more than their kids.

Uplifting theme: 
  • “To be a hero, you don’t have to do big things, just the right ones.” – Grimroth
  • Sometimes we forget who we really are.
  • Loyalty, friendship, perseverance.

Things I liked:
  • If you have read my movie reviews before, you know I love Paul Giamatti.  We don’t get to see him in this animated film, of course, but hearing his voice is still great.  He plays the funny villain Chairman Drek, who looks like a mix between a turnip and the magician Penn Jillette and quips “This is seriously next level.”
  • Keep watching after the first set of credits roll at the end to see a little bit more. 
  • Young boys will love all of the weapons, gadgets, laser beams, inventions and a “mess o’ bullets.”
  • I thought Dr. Nefarious’ little Spandex outfit was a crack-up.
  • Qwark is voiced by Jim Ward, who you might have recognized from Wall-E , Despicable Me 2 or Spider-Man 2 .  I thought the cute antenna on his head was adorable.  The character reminded me a little bit of Pixar’s Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles 2 movie is supposed to come out 2019. I LOVED that movie!)  #KillingIt
  • The facial expressions are done very well.
  • Sylvester voices Victor Von Ion and John Goodman brings Grimroth to life.
  • I was completely unfamiliar with any of the characters.  I would describe Clank as a mix between Star Wars' R2D2 and C3P0.  Ratchet is cute enough for girls to like, but adventurous enough for boys to love.

Things I didn’t like:
  • I've never played the video game, so I know I didn't catch any of the Easter eggs and inside jokes, but fans have said there are plenty.
  • There is writing on various things throughout the movie, but it’s really hard to read.
  • Tons of fight and chase scenes.  Tons.  Non-stop.  Nothing particularly new here. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes. 
  • I really like Rosario Dawson and think she’s beautiful, but she sounded like she was reading a script.
  • Because the target audience is mostly young boys, it’s no surprise that there is a scene where the characters are vomiting.  What IS surprising is the lack of other bathroom humor jokes.
  • You'll notice on the movie poster that the film was supposed to be released in 2015, but didn't come out until April 29, 2016.

Funny lines:
  • “And remember, you can do anything as long as you’re me.” – Qwark
  • “I heard you!  Do you see these ears?” –  Grimroth
  •  “The point is if you’re going to use one-liners, they should all make sense and be relevant.” – Nefarious  
  • “There is a lot of space in space.” – Clank (David Kaye)
  • “Everyone stay calm.  Something epic is happening.” – Captain Qwark
  • “Does anyone feel like we should have shot something by now?” – Stig (Alessandro Juliani)
 "The only thing I'm interested in finding is the Hall of Heroes cafeteria.  Come on heroes!  It's 3 floors up and it's meatloaf day!" - Qwark
  • “I know you’re working with Nefarious on this!” – Ratchet
“Yes, isn’t it wonderful?  We’re all part of the same dream team.  We should make t-shirts!” – Chairman Drek

Interesting lines:
  • “Blaming yourself and taking full responsibility are two very different things.” - Clank

Tips for parents:   

  • As you can imagine, the Playstation 4 game is now in stores.
  • It’s mostly harmless fun and teaches a few good values.
  • Will your kids enjoy it if they've never played the video games?  Sure.  It's a stand-alone movie that works, but not worth racing out to go see.  Take them to see The Jungle Book instead.  You can read my movie review of the new Jungle Book here.
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