Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Miracle Maker reminds us to be the miracle we wish to see in our lives

Movie Title:    Miracle Maker

Grade:  B-

Rating:  G

In a Nutshell:    Mean, rich man gets a soft heart.  That’s not exactly a new story, especially around Christmas, yet this simple tale is a gentle reminder that we can make the miracles we want to see in our life.

Uplifting theme: 
  • True happiness lies in making others happy.
  • When the director, John Lyde, was asked what he hoped audiences will take away from this film, he said “I hope they can see that we can create our own miracles, that we shouldn’t wait around for them, but we can solve our own problems and help bring miracles to others.”
  • Big miracles start with small seeds.
  • If you want to change your life, change yourself.

Things I liked:
  • If you liked the movie “Once I Was A Beehive”, you’ll be happy to see Paris Warner in it.  Unfortunately, she plays an extremely small part this time.
  • It definitely feels old-timey, both in its style and simplicity.
  • Fans of Charmed will recognize Brian Krause, who plays Mr. Booth in Miracle Maker.  Fans of other Mormon-made movies will recognize a lot of the other actors in the film.

Things I didn’t like:
  • The sets look like sets.  The acting looks like acting.
  • The script makes it almost feel like a stage play.
  • Clichéd characters: a boy who hasn’t talked since his mother died, a heartless landlord, town gossips, a little girl with a lisp, a dog wearing a bandanna around its neck, handsome stranger. Don’t get me wrong, I never mind a handsome stranger.  (Jason Wade)

Did you know?
  • The director said his hardest scene to film was the one with the mice.  They just wouldn’t sit still, even for cheese or mouse treats!  After an hour of filming them, he finally got a snippet he could use in the movie.
  • The movie was only a 12 day shoot!  Filming was done in Salt Lake City, Old Heber City and American Fork, all in Utah.  Filming started in June and the edits were done by September. 
  • The movie is based on a short story by Ann Action and reminded me of another popular book from the 80’s called “Joseph”, where a stranger comes into town and works spiritual miracles in the lives of the people.  Speaking of Ann Action, what an awesome name she has, especially if she were a movie director, because then she could yell "Ann Action!"
  • In case you’re wondering how you missed this at the theater, it’s because it went straight to DVD in November 2015, just in time to give as a stocking stuffer for Christmas!
Interesting lines:
  • “I suppose a miracle maker could be someone who does something out of the ordinary, something remarkable to better the world.” – Pastor
  • “Did you follow in the right footsteps?  Did you ask?” – Miracle Maker

Tips for parents:   

  • This is an extremely safe movie for the entire family to watch.  There is absolutely nothing offensive, scary, or crude in this film.  It’s rare that I get to report that in my reviews!
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