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Once I Was a Beehive will make you laugh and cry

Movie:    Once I Was A Beehive

Rating:    PG, 1 hour 59 minutes

Grade:   B+

In a Nutshell:    Teenage girls can be sooooo dramatic.  Because of that, they’re going to really get a kick out of this over-acted spoof of Mormon Girls Camp.  It’s a sweet movie that will make you laugh out loud and maybe even cry.  It’s super cheesy, but it still touched my heart.  It reminded me of some very special moments I had at Girls Camp many years ago when…once  I was a Beehive too.

The film pokes fun at Mormon culture, but Christians will be able to relate to the trials of faith, the power of prayer, and the importance of friendship.  As Christians, we need to support movies that support our values.

Written and directed by Maclain Nelson, the movie poster claims the film is based on thousands of true stories.  I believe it.  Girls Camp is always filled with epic moments, plenty of shenanigans, and growing testimonies.

While Maclain Nelson is Mormon, his co-writer and wife Clare Niederpruem is Catholic, another example of how we need to embrace each other's differences and celebrate our similarities.

Uplifting Theme:
·         “There are better days than the ones you’re standing in.”  - Opening song
·         “When you’re with the ones you love, you’re never missing out.” – Robert Speer (Adam Johnson)
·         No crisis of faith can’t be cured with a week up in God’s country. - Robert Speer
·         “Two-gether forever.”   (Sure to be a new Mormon meme.)
·         “Faith is the key to solve any problem.” – Nedra Rockwell
     -  Girl power.  Sisterhood.  Unity.  Acceptance.

Things I liked:
·         The film addresses blended families and the difficulty of adapting to a new life.  I grew up in a blended family and have seen my sister repeat the same challenges in her marriage.  I appreciated the sensitive, truthful approach the film took on this delicate family issue.
·         Is that a picture of Liberace in the red suit on Holly’s family room wall?  Hilarious.
·         Making the girls lock up their cell phones in a box at camp.  Genius.  Sadly, necessary.
·         Nedra Rockwell, the “Heck’s Angel”  is adorable.  A big "Hoorah" to Barta Heiner, a beloved stage and screen actress in Utah, for grounding the film with down-to-earth goodness and reality.
·         Fanny packs!  Yes!  While not a socially-approved accessory, they sure make a lot of sense.
·         "Imagine a Sunday School lesson taught by Indiana Jones."  Trial of Faith.  Awesome.
·         I loved that they made fun of the rock giants from the Noah movie with Russel Crowe.  I really hated that movie.  You can read my movie review of Noah here.
·         The musical narration was good.  "The Spirit of God" remix was cool.
·         Catniss Everdeen.  Ha ha      Can't wait to see the final movie in that franchise coming out in November!   Bless our dear bishops for all they do for us.
·         If you come face to face with a grizzly bear, play dead and cover your neck.  Good to know.
·         What a sweet voice Paris Warner has.  I expect to hear that song in my ward on Sunday.  I     thought she did a really great job with her character and brought some honesty to the role.
 -     Mila Smith (Phoebe) does a very good job playing a quirky character, although her crying scenes      were weak.  Paris Warner made me really believe her tears.
           Cute camp pictures during the closing credits. 
·         I hope to see Allie Jennings (Charlotte) in more films.  She's darling.
 -    One of the film's co-producers, Lisa Valentine Clark, also stars as the over-the-top Young  Women's President Carrie Carrington.  If you haven't seen her funny YouTube videos, you can check them out here.   They are "pretty darn funny."
-     I often wince at Christian movies because the production quality can be so amateur looking, but they did a really good job with this film.  
Things I didn’t like:
·         It’s always awkward to hear actual prayers in movies.
·         I don’t like seeing Mormons bicker or act snotty to each other.  They should behave better       because they know better.  I know, we had to see the growth in the girls.  Still...
·         Where is the rest of the Young Women’s presidency and leaders?
·         The night scenes are difficult to see in the dark, especially the bear scene.
-     The movie is a bit uneven, jumping from farce to real and back and forth.
·         So, technically, if Lane is 16, she would be a Mia Maid….not a Beehive…just sayin...


Funny lines:  
·          “I appreciate the hyperbole.” – Phoebe Valentine
·         “Phoebe, can you come and get some dessert, cuz we’re going to go pretty soon.” – Holly
       “I doubt I could enjoy dessert , knowing the ceiling could cave in on us at any moment.” -    
        It’s crème brulee.” – Holly
        “I’ll risk it.” – Phoebe
·         “Who goes on a cruise for that long anyway?” – Lane
       “We got a killer Groupon for it.” – step-dad Tristan  (Brett Merritt)
·         “Kerry Carrington.  You can’t tell me that’s her real name.  It sounded like the leader of the Carebears or the alter-ego of a Christian superhero.” – Lane
·         “Don’t be embarrassed if you let out a few air biscuits.  It’s natural.” – Sister Rockwell
·         “I’m going to turn the time over for Sister Carrington for some fluffy stuff.” – Sister Rockwell
·         “So, would you rather marry a man that you know is a serial killer who kills every day, but he’s still, like a good guy and you love him OR would you rather marry a man that all he ever says is  ‘Manamana’”? – Mindy  (Kaley McCormack)
·         “Well, lookie here.  A little nest of estrogen.” – Sister Rockwell
·         “Bree, why don’t you come and get some food. I think you might be a little hangry.”  - Sister
-       “Why don’t you take a look out the window.  I want you to take an eye photo.  You know how to do that, right?  You just use your eyes.  Blink, then right up there, right in front of your face, you can’t miss it.” – Robert Speer
·         “Pound it.  Let’s not do that again.” – Sister Rockwell
 “Why do they call them Beehives?  Why don’t they just call them bees?” – Lane
       “I’ve been saying that for years.” – Phoebe    (Me too, Phoebe.  Me too.)
Tips for Parents:
·          This is a sweet movie that your daughters will love.  You might even get your sons to crack a smile. 
·         The PG rating is for a brief moment of peril with a bear.

Once I Was A Beehive was produced by the same folks who brought us:

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