Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't bother thinking like a man too

Movie Title:  Think Like A Man Too
PG-13, 1 hour 46 minutes

Grade:  D for dumb

In a Nutshell:  This movie is ridiculous and not in the “ha ha” kind of way.  It’s a raucous romp in Sin City while hypocritically preaching that the ultimate happiness is fidelity in marriage at the upcoming wedding of one of the featured couples. It’s an excuse to misbehave in the style of The Hangover or Last VegasYou can read my movie review of Last Vegas here.  Surprisingly, it's Rated PG-13 too.

Kevin Hart’s loud, whiny and frantic narration is annoying and it feels like the audience just paid for a cast party after their last movie.  There are plenty of clichéd moments from Tom Cruise’s Risky Business scene where Kevin Hart slides across the floor in a white button-up shirt, to a montage of the token white girl trying on different outfits a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman , to the ladies’ lip-sync music video for Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison  The token white guy in the movie is a nerd who wears a fanny pack.

It’s a shame that this talented and very good-looking cast didn’t have more substance to work with. There is nothing fresh and new, offering you plenty of eye exercises as you roll them for almost 2 hours.

Things I liked:
  • Ummm…..not much.

Stupid lines:
  • A slutty girl at the hotel pool asks “Are you in a relationship or something?  So am I.  This is Vegas, baby.  Lighten up.”    (Seriously?  Do people think that’s actually funny?)
  • “Never say never in Vegas.”  - Kristen    (Seriously?  As if that’s actually good advice?)
  • “Absence makes the heart and other organs grow fonder.”  - Cedric  
  • “Tomorrow you can go back to the miserable and sexless existence that is marriage.”  - Cedric

Funny lines:
  • The old, British butler states “I think we’re soul brothers from different mothers.”  An alarmed Kevin Hart says “I don’t think it’s like that.”

Tips for parents: This is not a family film and not really worth your time either.  It’s loaded with everything you imagine happens in Vegas.  Hey, I live in Vegas, so I’m not slamming my city.  I’m just sayin….not a family film.

The first film of this franchise is much better:

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