Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gravity takes off at the box office

Movie Title: Gravity

In a Nutshell: Wow. How did they film that? Gorgeous. Simply stunning. A feast for the eyes.

Things I liked: I loved it when Sandra Bullock (SPOILER ALERT) finally gets back into the capsule, strips off her astronaut gear and slowly sinks into the fetal position, floating and breathing like a baby in the womb. Very powerful. I also loved it when she (SPOILER ALERT) crawls out of the ocean like a primordial creature and collapses with the sand between her fingers. She staggers and has a joyful, celebratory moment of life on earth. The musical score was wonderful and the pictures of earth from space were breathtaking.
Sandra Bullock is more bankable than ever.

Things I didn’t like: There wasn’t much of a plot. It really was about the physical and emotional journey and the miracle of life. I get dizzy easily, so I specifically chose not to watch this film in IMAX 3D, but I imagine it’s amazing.

Uplifting theme: Life is worth fighting for. While the universe is an incredible masterpiece, mankind is God’s greatest creation.

Tips for parents: Two swear words. Two scary dead people faces. Young kids may be a bit bored.

Funny line:  "Man, I hate space."

Grade: A-
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